Planet 7X aka Nibiru: Timeline of Events

Planet 7X aka Nibiru: Timeline of Events

{image sources: Gil Broussard’s Planet 7X pdf}
{image sources: Gil Broussard’s Planet 7X pdf}

(image sources: Gil Broussard’s Planet 7X pdf)

Something terrible is coming by way of Planet 7X, also known as Nibiru, 7x the size of Earth, by approximately Passover, March, 2016.  It entered into Earth’s solar system in the year 2,000.

Planet 7X has also been referred to by other identities:

  • Comet Elenin (NASA)
  • *P-7X {Astronomer John Anderson, Science Digest, November 1982}
  • *Planet X (NASA Astronomer Robert S. Harrington–Planet X as the Tenth Planet–1993}
  • the Tenth Planet
  • Nibiru, Hercolubus,
  • Tyche, Nemesis,
  • Wormwood
  • 2nd Sun
  • The Red Planet
  • Red Star
  • a Star
  • The Blue Star
  • Blue Kachina
  • Fiery Red Dragon of Old
  • The Destroyer
  • Chinese Guest Star 1054 AD

*NASA’s database is no longer showing information on either P-7X or Planet X.

According to some astronomers, “Planet X” is not a planet, it’s similar to a comet with a body of mass also similar to a planet, hence the “Planet or Comet” identity.

The Hopi Indians ancestral beliefs in the Blue Kachina Star are interlinked to the Mayans causing its extinction by drought in 707 AD.

“Legend of the Blue Kachina also coincides with Mayan prophecy, and Planet-X theory, suggesting an interconnection between Hopi beliefs and those of the Ancient Mayans.” More…

One thing these identities refer to is “it destroys in a large-scale,” hence ‘The Destroyer,’ concept.  The image of the 7X Timeline of Events, is depicting biblical events where a significant destruction took place, i.e. Noah’s Flood, Lot’s Sodom & Gomorrah, Job’s troubles wiping out his whole family, 185000 Assyrians killed and including the great 7 year famines as in Joseph of Egypt.  The scene of Jesus at the Cross (the Sacrifice) is also linked to the Planet 7X timeline of events in 28AD.

Planet 7X, Nibiru Near Earth Object:

Planet 7X, Nibiru, body of mass doesn’t directly land on Earth, it does a bypass as a Near Earth Object, interlinking with Earth’s orbit.

Planet 7X Fiery Dragon of Old Solar Path 76 days out of earths orbitAccording to the image above, 76 days out of Earth’s inner solar system, January 10, 2016, enters the Fiery Red Dragon of Old is shown the path of Planet 7X with its debris field.

According to the image to the right, at 40 days from Earth’s visual, Passover, February 15, 2016, “the governments of the world will warn the people.”

Planet 7X Fiery Dragon of Old Solar Path

At “day 7 Planet 7X visual size is 50% of the moon;”

At “day 2 Planet 7X visual size is 3.4x of the Moon’s diameter;”

At “day zero visual size is 50x the Moon’s diameter.”

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It’s the orbital space debris that attracts and drags other bodies into its path inclusive of Asteroids–which 1589 are known and classified by NASA as potentially hazardous asteroids, Meteors, Comets (Small Solar System Bodies defined as dirty snowballs.  They consist of different frozen, volatile materials such as water ice, dry ice, ammonia ice and hydrocarbons mixed with rock particles) and other man-made objects that are floating out in space.

Nearly 3,000 tons of space debris live in low-Earth orbit; more than 700,000 pieces of debris larger than 0.4 inches now orbit Earth.  These uncontrolled, high-speed velocity objects, the meteors or ‘space junk’, are what causes the massive destruction or obliteration hurling them as weapons into Earth’s atmospheric orbit passing through varying magnetic wave lengths: radio, microwave, infrared, ultraviolet rays, radio-active x-rays, and gamma rays, picking them up and including them  into these physical objects converting them into “weaponized” debris with electromagnetic radiation, triggering earthquakes and tsunamis.

Space Observation:

“Space Observatories do exist and are used for observation of distant planets, galaxies and other outer space objects.This category is distinct from other observatories located in space that are pointed toward Earth for the purpose of reconnaissance and other types of information gathering.

Space observatories can generally be divided into two classes: missions which map the entire sky (surveys), and observatories which make observations of chosen parts of the sky.

Many space observatories have already completed their missions, while others continue operating, and still others are planned for the future. Satellites have been launched and operated by NASA, ISRO of India, ESA, Japanese Space Agency and the Soviet space program later succeeded by Roskosmos of Russia.

The Hubble Space Telescope, which was launched on April 20, 1990 by the Space Shuttle Discoveryis also a part of observatories.”  More…

Planetary Defense: Deflecting Asteroids, Comets, Meteors:

A laser might be used to deflect dangerous particles. The project could be ready to carry out after about 2017-2018, using better lasers.

The technology exists to deflect asteroids, comets, meteors and orbital space debris.  Nuclear Plasma Electric Engine could push an asteroid out of harms way. The rocket technology at NASA laboratory in Houston, Texas could provide the power for the space tugboat. Designing & preparing the B612 mission to prove that asteroid deflection could be done using existing technology is still being reviewed.

Article:  Russia may send spacecraft to knock away asteroid that could hit earth by 2032  Posted by EU Times on Dec 31st, 2009:

“Russia’s space agency chief said Wednesday a spacecraft may be dispatched to knock a large asteroid off course and reduce the chances of earth impact, even though U.S. scientists say such a scenario is unlikely.

Anatoly Perminov told Golos Rossii radio the space agency would hold a meeting soon to assess a mission to Apophis. He said his agency might eventually invite NASA, the European Space Agency, the Chinese space agency and others to join the project.

When the 270-meter (885-foot) asteroid was first discovered in 2004, astronomers estimated its chances of smashing into Earth in its first flyby, in 2029, at 1-in-37.”  More…

Deceased Scientists-Astronomers:

There is a long list of dead astronomers (as well as financiers, micro-biologists) who have died under mysterious circumstances that continues to grow.

Planet 7X Deceased Astronomers

Among those was U.S. Naval Astronomer, Dr. Robert S. Harrington who talked about Planet X in 1993 died within a few months after revealing Planet X.

Author, Researcher Steve Quayle has amassed a list of articles and scientists linking untimely deaths under mysterious circumstances.

Continuity of Government:

So where is the U.S. Government in all of this?  This phenomenon has existed for centuries and if I’m to believe our scientists don’t know about it–well?Picture

In the meantime, underground bunkers-hideouts are being built all across America, some several stories high, to house our government leaders under the guise of ‘continuity of government.’  I have a different description but cannot write it here–!!

These agencies (the ultimate preppers) have amassed enormous lots of freeze-dried food with 20 years storage capacity, creating a shortage for those left above ground–you and me.

For detailed locations of these bunkers visit Bob Fletcher Investigations “Underground Hideouts.”


Generally, I steer clear of placing “time” to events, particularly of this type, because if it doesn’t come to pass, people become angry and opinionated (which really, it doesn’t sound like we’re going to escape its results).

However, I’m making an exception on the 7X concept because I’m clearly aware that thousands of videos and articles have already been revealed but none like Author, Researcher, Gil Broussard, who spent three years working 15-16 hour days preparing this timeline with such intricate detail, using software and calculations as an engineer, made available to him, coupled with his knowledge of biblical events and their importance of a “picture” of events that the bible has made through scriptures that I am willing to support this point of view.

Gil Broussard was a recent guest on the John B. Wells’ program Caravan to Midnight’s Episode 305. I am unable to pull in the YouTube video without violating Caravan to Midnight’s straightforward copyright restriction.  The 2 hr 49 min 32 sec. teaching is well worth every moment.

Caravan to Midnight is allowing a link which I have included: Caravan To Midnight – Episode 305 Incoming: Planet 7x with Gill Broussard.

Gil Broussard does have “free” pdf access to his 50 page P-7X Scripture Timeline available for download for anyone interested in reviewing it.

My trust is in the Lord:

Psalm 91

  • He who dwells in the secret place of the Most High
    Shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty.
    I will say of the Lord, “He is my refuge and my fortress;
    My God, in Him I will trust.”
  • Surely He shall deliver you from the snare of the fowler more…

Are you saved?

Stay safe. Be blessed.

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