More than 10,000 dead squid wash ashore in Chile reason unknown

More than 10,000 dead squid wash ashore in Chile reason unknown

More than 10,000 dead squid wash ashore in Chile reason unknown

Last month’s die-off was said to be the biggest single event of its kind known to science, more than 330 whales found washed up in a remote inlet in southern Chile, this week it’s thousands of squid
Pelicans, dolphins and penguins also on the list

Translated from Spanish
The Chilean coastline is once again the home of marine life carnage as thousands of giant cuttlefish or squid have washed up dead in recent days.
The mass die off occurred along the beaches of the island of Santa Maria which is located off the coast
The death of more than 10,000 of the large cephalopods has once again left “experts” scratching their heads for answers and the incident is believed to have nothing to do with El-Nino.
With such a large number of decomposing bodies on a small island concerns for the local population have experts worried as to the cause of the deaths
Without ruling out the possibility of a pollution event, experts point out that the mass death of squid may have been caused by the high temperature of the seawater, which is contradictory as the high temperature of the ocean is the result of this winters El-Nino!


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