Gary Webb – A Person The CIA Doesn’t Want You To Know...

Gary Webb – A Person The CIA Doesn’t Want You To Know About


You might have heard a while back about a case where CIA agents were selling cocaine in the US. Reports varied as to how much was actually being brought into the country, and it was something many journalists were reluctant to bring up.

One journalist who did take up the story, in fact the man who broke the story, was Gary Webb.

Fast forward a little, and you’ll find a situation where a now unemployed Gary Webb had lost all credibility as a journalist and couldn’t find a home. As is the case with some people who find themselves in a situation similar to this, he committed suicide.


In his case, his death was considered a suicide even though he died of TWO gunshot wounds to the head.

I don’t want to be seen as biased on this issue, so I’ll let the ever-impartial Wikipedia provide you context for you to judge for yourself –

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