Jadav Payeng – A living legend!

Jadav Payeng – A living legend!



JadavPayeng – a Living Legend!

JadavPayeng is truly a living legend. Don’t believe us? May we ask a fully-fledged forest how they feel about that? Oh yeah; JadavPayeng, single-handedly, planted his way through a washed out sandbar of the river Brahmaputra, creating an enormous forest reserve – a glorious “oasis” teeming with bustling fauna and beautiful flora.

Wondering who JadavPayeng is?

If you have not been hiding under a rock for the past three months or so, you must have overheard or seen the name “JadavPayeng.” He’s been turning heads across the globe and making more headlines than Grumpy the cat thanks to his macho and an unrelenting zeal. Born and bred in Jorhat, India in 1963, JadavPayeng is a forest worker, an environmental activist, and a family man from Mishing tribe, all wrapped in one. Molai Forest, his magnificent work, spans a whopping 1360 acres (550 hectares) in Assam, India. For this reason – and possibly more – Jadav was presented with Padma Shri, the 4th highest civilian honor in India. Incredible, right?

How Did He Do It?

From whichever dimension you look at it, JadavPayeng turned his willpower into a lush and buoyant forest reserve that can support life for many generations to come. Pound for pound, JadavPayeng is truly a hero of our times. Perhaps, in the league of WangariMaathai, the late Nobel Prize Laureate. What more could we ask for than a man who can leverage his love for nature and trees with the unwavering willpower to deliver such a breathtaking transformation?

For Jadav, it all began one chaotic Monsoon period in 1979. What he saw was nerve-wracking: snakes and other forest animals devastated, with little or no chance of seeing another day. As the Indian summer heat bore down on the poor animals, the sight was quite saddening, if not disheartening. Jadav’s plea with the government to rescue the animals bore no fruit. Instead, he was asked to grow bamboo. That is when JadavPayeng swore to do something. The rest is a tale chiming birds, trumpeting elephants, and hissing snakes can tell.

Looking back 30 years later, Jadav couldn’t be happier. Molai Forest is truly an embodiment of an inspired man’s will at work. A man who stays the course and is entirely committed to his goals. It’s a lesson to pass down to generation after generation.

Take Home

So, what can we learn from Jadav Payeng? They say “willpower can move hills,” but now we can be rest assured that it can grow forests too!


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