The Navy appears to have achieved the holy grail of energy independence

The Navy appears to have achieved the holy grail of energy independence



Scientists working the US Navy have confirmed that after decades of investigation and laborious experimentation that they are now capable of turning seawater into functional fuel.

They are claiming that their final experiment which involving flying a model aircraft using the fuel was successful. At current estimates, the new fuel is projected to cost between $3 and $6 per gallon and is expected to become cheaper as the process of production and refinement is improved.

This incredible innovation is being described as a game-changer. Not only could it revolutionize the energy production industry but it also has enormous political implications.

If the United States chooses to make the switch to seawater-based fuel over oil, then the country could potentially become completely self-sufficient in terms of energy production.

This would mean that the country would be able to relax ties with authoritarian regimes accused of severe human rights abuses in countries such as Saudi Arabia and Qatar.

Despite the benefits of moving towards the new technology, it is expected that the Republican-controlled political class will take steps to stall its introduction onto the marketplace.

Many Republican politicians sitting in both Houses have close links to oil tycoons and therefore it is possible that they will be lobbied strenuously to reject this technology which poses an existential threat to the large petroleum companies.

Another reason why the future of this technology seems dark is the Republican Party’s stance against green technology.

One of a fascinating things about this new fuel is that it is carbon neutral and could, in fact, contribute to mitigating the carbon dioxide levels in the world’s oceans and mitigate some of the effects of climate change.

This would count as a negative in the eyes of many Republican politicians who have a serious track record of attempting to sabotage new technology that is environmentally sound.

All of this could mean that the US military’s exciting new development might not see the light of day until the Republican administration has run its course.

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