New Black Chemtrails ‘Deathtrails’ Are Killing Us

New Black Chemtrails ‘Deathtrails’ Are Killing Us


We’ve all seen chemtrails. Our daily lives are practically being lived under them. It is rare that we look to the skies and don’t see the poisonous trails crossing up our previously blue skies. But now things have gotten even drearier. Black chemtrails have begun showing up as well (normally chemtrails are white streamers).

What kind of chemtrail casts a shadow in the sky but not down to the ground? Black trails are the new phenom with reports increasing worldwide….

In the video, you will see a black chemtrail lining the sky and then another white chemtrail come along and line it. How can there be a shadow if there is nothing there to cast it? What’s the projection? Are these actually drones?


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