Obama Preparing Executive Order to Change the First Amendment

Obama Preparing Executive Order to Change the First Amendment


(Conservative Tribune) – First, President Barack Obama ignored huge swaths of federal immigration law. Then, he chipped away at the Second Amendment. Now, he’s aiming even higher — the First Amendment.

President Obama is preparing his latest executive action designed to execute an end-run around Congress: a requirement for companies that do any business with the government to disclose their “contributions to groups that spend money to influence campaigns”, according to a New York Times report.

While the executive action would not prohibit said corporations from getting government business, it goes to reason that donating to the “wrong” party or cause might cause those corporations to lose government business.

Especially given a long line of Supreme Court rulings in which the campaign spending of for-profit organizations was deemed protected under the First Amendment, the executive action would again put the administration in the position of using unilateral action to bypass both Congress and the Constitution.

US Administration proposed this measure back in 2012. They called it Disclosure Act, but it was defeated by Republican opposition, who felt that the legislation deliberately squelched corporate speech.

“While we will continue to examine additional steps we can take to reduce the corrosive influence of money in politics, only Congress can put an end to it,” said Brandi Hoffine, an Obama spokeswoman, said when reached about the possible executive action.

According to business groups, the real goal of such a measure wouldn’t be to reduce the influence of money in politics, but to intimidate corporations into abandoning their freedom of political speech.

“The real goal of the disclosure proponents is to harass, intimidate and silence those with whom they disagree,” Blair Latoff Holmes, a spokeswoman for the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, told reporters.

“We continue to believe that one’s political activities should play no role in whether or not you get or keep a federal contract, and we encourage the administration to leave this bad idea right where it is.”

The most cherished right of being an American citizen is indeed the freedom of speech. The idea that a president who cannot work with Congress has decided to bypass the constitutionally mandated lawmaking process to chip away at parts of the Constitution is bad enough. The fact that he would do so on the constitutional right that is the bedrock of American democracy is absolutely sickening.

Source: Conservative Tribune

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