The Planet Nibiru, the Truths and the Half-Truths

The Planet Nibiru, the Truths and the Half-Truths


Matters surrounding the solar system have always been a mystery to man, and Nibiru has certainly been one of them. Slapdash scientists and wannabe astrologists have been having a field day, keeping the world updated and, of course, awash about this mighty supernatural object en-route the earth’s pathway.  With names comprising Planet X, Nemesis, The Destroyer, Wormwood, Hercolubus, and Comet Typhoon among other mind-boggling names, Nibiru is still a hotly debated term.

There have been a thousand and one headlines in local dailies around the world as well as the internet, all trying to uncover what Nibiru actually is. Zechariah Sitchin, a Russian-Jewish, supposedly proposed that there’s a planet called Nibiru, so enormous and powerful that it passes near the earth after every 3600 years, leaving disastrous effects. What’s even shocking was that, nearly 50 years ago, this vast body was almost 50 years far from the Earth and seemed headed towards our beloved planet.

As expected, the world, through NASA refuted the statement as a hoax with no factual basis. Forget about the ancient Sumerian texts that seconded Zechariah Sitchin’s allegations, three Israeli autistic individuals gave the same story through assisted communication. Through a picture, they painted depicting the world in rubbles and only the land of Israel remaining unscathed, they added more gas to the already sizzling hot topic.

Is Nibiru real and does it take 3600 years for this supernormal object to finish one orbital journey? What if the uncommon phenomena including the occasional typhoons, hurricanes, earthquakes, and volcanic eruptions among other unnatural catastrophe are as a result of this object? One single most important factor to consider now is who the earth should believe between NASA and the other party.

A devastation ominous looms and doomsayers are busy predicting the marauding planet’s elliptical path will bring it near our planet, predictably this summer. As expected, some people are voicing their opinions, citing that it is still thousands, probably millions of years away and will hit the earth any day later than 2078. NASA, however, acknowledge the truth in what ancient civilizations termed a “planet of the crossing” thousands of years ago.

The internet is filled with lots of half-truths with, unfortunately, makes it possible to ship out material facts. Some proponents of Nibiru and its adverse effects support their assertions with the following ideas.

The Christian Holy Book, the Bible seems to have prophesized of a calamity of a planet, Planet X, in Rev. 8: 10-11.

Some professional astronomers are attributing Nibiru’s gravitational pull to some disturbances and uncommon scenarios already observed in the earth or “perturbation.”

Freemasonry and the occult world agree with these avowals as well; they teach in their secret doctrine.

NASA is alleged to have released a propaganda video to deviate the world’s attention amid the looming danger.

The big question remains, is Nibiru real? Is it the dreaded apocalypse?

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