Russia Is Officially On Its Way To Mars… Are Aliens Waiting?

Russia Is Officially On Its Way To Mars… Are Aliens Waiting?


On Monday, Russia and Europe launched a spaceship in a team effort to explore our solar system. The seven-month journey will be heading to Mars. There, the two hope to examine the possibility of aliens as well as research any chances we on Earth may have of visiting the red planet.

Yes, the country known to many Americans as the homeplace of Borat is actually a vital asset to Russia’s space programme. It was from their Baikonur spaceport in Kazakstan that the Proton rocket launched. The craft is part of the ExoMars programme and will start its seven-month journey to Mars. On board the craft, an atmospheric probe will be used to study trace gases on the planet. Such gases like methane are strongly tied to life on Earth. Previous missions to Mars have brought back reports of methane and Russia hopes to research that further. Somewhere in here, there is a farting aliens joke, but that’s best left for the comments section.

Russia is certainly invested in this whole methane business. So much so, that they invested millions to launching a rocket to Mars. Do they truly expect to find aliens there? Aliens or not, this trip could give us a great deal of information about the solar system. Scientist believe that methane gas originated from micro-organisms. These “methanogens” are thought to have become extinct millions of years ago. This resulted in the frozen gas under the planet’s surface. Some think these micro-organisms are still alive. In other words, aliens.

Russia has never been accused of messing around and the ExoMars project is no exception. This isn’t just a showing of technological force, but a project that hopes to serve a greater purpose. As soon as 2018, the mission hopes to deliver a European rover to the surface of the planet. While this has been done before by NASA, this rover will be the first of its kind to have drilling capabilities. So step aside, Curiosity and Opportunity, a communist rover will be joining you on Mars soon enough.

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