Top 5 Latest Ancient Discoveries

Top 5 Latest Ancient Discoveries

The ship had characteristic construction found in a medieval ship called a cog. Credit: Rijkswaterstaat, the Netherlands
The ship had characteristic construction found in a medieval ship called a cog. Credit: Rijkswaterstaat, the Netherlands

When they aren’t busy digging up ancient graves and tombs and unsheathing remains of ancient organisms, archeologists are probably busy putting together pieces of fossil remains. Since the onset of 2016, old fossil researchers and archaeologists all over the world have been busy trying to uncover newer discoveries of the ancient world. While the year is already in top gear, there have been a couple of discoveries that have shaken the world. The major five ancient discoveries of 2016 so far include the following.

Medieval Shipwreck in the Frigid Waters

Believed to have been deliberately sunk, the boat was recently discovered and hauled off the icy waters in Holland. Ancient maritime engineers wanted to alter the flow of the Ijssel River, thereby decided to sink it over 600 years ago. Discovered in 2012, it was only until recently that all the plans meant at ensuring that it remains intact were rolled out. The medieval ship was 20 meters long and weighed approximately 50 tonnes and was wooden. Nonetheless, it was still in its original state and perfect for archeological studies.

A 7,000-Year-Old Man Buried Upright

In an ancient site in Germany’s Mesolithic site, there have been extraordinary discoveries lately. 7,000-year-old remains of a man buried in an upright posture were uncovered this year. The body was covered by sand to the knees while the upper part left to decay. Archeologists and excavation experts believe that nomadic hunters and gatherers inhabited the site.

Remains Found of 7,000-Year-Old Man Buried Upright -Photo: /
Remains Found of 7,000-Year-Old Man Buried Upright -Photo:

Rare Roman Mural Uncovered In London

Museum of London Archaeology excavators recently revealed a mural measuring nearly 6 meters in length. The fragile painting depicted deer and birds and is believed to have decorated a wealthy man’s house around 100 A.D. Unlike those from Pompeii that was completely preserved, this one wasn’t in a great state due to disturbances by Roman builders flattening the area.


Beneath The Stonehenge Are Famous Personalities

The iconic prehistoric site in England may have been a burial site following the remains of 14 women believed to have been of importance in the society. For years, tales have portrayed the place as an important prehistoric cremation site. Remains of a total of 14 women and nine men, all young were uncovered at the site. Does it mean that women were much more important than men?


An Ancient Boat near The Pyramids

While digging up an ancient tomb near the Abusir pyramids, excavators recently uncovered a 4,500-year-old boat. Covered by lots of wind-blown sand, the boat was as intact as it was over 4,000 years ago. It still amazes what the boat was meant for in such a location. Meanwhile, excavations at the site continue.


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