Violent clashes between cops and rioters at G20 summit 7-7-2017

Violent clashes between cops and rioters at G20 summit 7-7-2017


Protests and riots have paralyzed the city of Hamburg, Germany for days, reaching its peak in violence on Friday, July 7th 2017. Rioters clashed in a spectacular fashion with police throughout the day in the Sternschanze area of the city.

They started burning objects and climbing on buildings sometime during the after-noon on Friday and continued until the early hours this morning.

Violent extremists among others from the “Black Bloc” threw bottles and stones towards police forces who were deployed in very high numbers.

Anarchists causes chaos for most part of the day on Budapester Strasse in the area of Shanzenstrasse and Stresemannstrass.

Dozens climbed atop and broke scaffolding along a 5 story building in renovation before being sprayed down by water cannons.

At 07:44 an injured police officer is seen being helped by two others back to a police van and away from danger. Numerous ultra modern large police trucks equipped with water cannons took relay one after the other, switching position after refilling water to fight off demonstrators.

In a war look-alike scene, green armored vehicle from the Hamburg Police drove down the road, pushing debris out of the way with a front end loader.

Protesters used fireworks and “loud bombs” among other things to fight off police officers. They drug large pieces of wood and metal from scaffolding into nearby burning fires. Sound of glass bottles smashing to the ground after being thrown by angry protesters could be heard continuously throughout the day. Others taunted police and hid from water jets at times unsuccessfully as seen at 13:13.

Water cannons and thousands of police officers slowly but successfully pushed away rioters in multiple directions after hours of combat.

Special units from the Hamburg Police carrying rifles were observed at the scene in the moments a police officer was injured.

Helicopters with powerful spotlights hovered during the entire time the riots lasted and were still up and airborne as of 4h am this morning. The riots were caused by the people who are against the ongoing venue that is the G20.

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