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Seen ‘Plandemic’? We Take A Close Look At The Viral Conspiracy Video’s Claims



Seen 'Plandemic'? We Take A Close Look At The Viral Conspiracy Video's Claims

A slickly produced 26-minute video called Plandemic has exploded on social media in recent days, claiming to present a view of COVID-19 that differs from the “official” narrative.

The video has been viewed millions of times on YouTube via links that are replaced as quickly as the video-sharing service can remove them for violating its policy against “COVID-19 misinformation.”

In it, filmmaker Mikki Willis conducts an uncritical interview with Judy Mikovits, who he says has been called “one of the most accomplished scientists of her generation.”

Never heard of her? You’re not alone.

Two prominent scientists with backgrounds in AIDS research and infectious diseases, who asked not to be identified over concerns of facing a backlash on social media, told NPR that they did not know who she was.

If you were aware of Mikovits before this week, it is probably for two books she published with co-author Kent Heckenlively, one in 2017 and another last month. Heckenlively has also written a book himself espousing the discredited link between autism and the vaccines. You might also know Mikovits for her central role in a pair of scientific controversies. One involves a paper she co-authored in 2009 that was published in the journal Science, and the other concerns allegations that she stole notebooks and a laptop from a laboratory.

Research gone bad

In the 2009 paper, Mikovits is among 13 researchers who claimed to have found that a mouse retrovirus may contribute to chronic fatigue syndrome.

In the video, filmmaker Willis says the paper “sent shock waves through the scientific community, as it revealed the common use of animal and human fetal tissues were unleashing devastating plagues of chronic diseases.”

However, two years after its publication, the paper was retracted by the authors, an unusual occurrence in a peer-reviewed scientific journal. Science wrote at the time that “multiple laboratories, including those of the original authors, have failed to reliably detect” the mouse retrovirus in chronic fatigue syndrome patients. “In addition, there is evidence of poor quality control in a number of specific experiments in the Report.”

In 2011, Judy Mikovits was fired from the Whittemore Peterson Institute for Neuro-Immune Disease, in Reno, Nev. She was then accused of stealing notebooks and a computer.

David Calvert/AP

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David Calvert/AP

In 2011, Judy Mikovits was fired from the Whittemore Peterson Institute for Neuro-Immune Disease, in Reno, Nev. She was then accused of stealing notebooks and a computer.

David Calvert/AP

The second controversy came the same year the paper was retracted and involved Mikovits being fired from Whittemore Peterson Institute, a laboratory located on the University of Nevada campus in Reno, where she was research director.

The lab claimed that she “wrongfully removed lab notebooks and other proprietary information,” according to a contemporaneous report by KRNV TV in Reno.

In Plandemic, Mikovits relates her arrest over the incident, saying she was “held in jail without charges. I was called a ‘fugitive from justice.’ “

Speaking as footage of what appears to be a police SWAT team executing a nighttime raid plays over her words, she says: “No warrant. They literally drug me out of the house. Our neighbors are looking at what’s going on here.”

According to the Chicago Tribune, Mikovits was arrested in California as a fugitive on a warrant issued by police from the University of Nevada, Reno.

Days later, according to KRNV, she turned herself in to authorities in Reno. The television station’s report makes clear that a two-count criminal complaint was filed against her for possession of stolen property and for unlawfully taking computer data and equipment. Both are felonies.

“Mikovits’ lawyer, Scott Freeman, says his client is baffled at the criminal charges filed against her,” the news report says.

She claims in the video that the material she was accused of stealing was “planted” in her house.

Although the criminal charges were later dropped, the lab where she worked subsequently won a default judgment in a civil suit against her seeking the return of the items. The case was bolstered in part by a colleague at the institute (and a co-author on the retracted study) who admitted in an affidavit that he had taken items from the lab on behalf of Mikovits.

NPR reached out to Whittemore Peterson Institute for comment, but received no reply.

Ironically, Mikovits was a co-author on the study viewed as the final nail in that 2009 study she took part in. In an email to Science Insider, she wrote that it was the only work she could find after her professional and legal woes.

Accusations against Fauci

Many of Mikovits’ claims concern perceived professional slights or conflicts that she attributes to various high-profile individuals who have become even more prominent in recent weeks because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Most salient among them are Dr. Anthony Fauci, the director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases since 1984, Dr. Robert Redfield, the current director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and Dr, Robert Gallo, an AIDS pioneer who is now director at the Institute of Human Virology and scientific director at the Global Virus Network.

A statement emailed to NPR from the National Institutes of Health, which oversees Fauci’s NIAID, stated: “The National Institutes of Health and National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases are focused on critical research aimed at ending the COVID-19 pandemic and preventing further deaths. We are not engaging in tactics by some seeking to derail our efforts.”

In an article originally published in 2018, Snopes reported on a claim by Mikovits that Fauci sent an email that “threatened her with arrest if she visited the National Institutes of Health to participate in a study to validate her chronic fatigue research.”

“I have no idea what she is talking about. I can categorically state that I have never sent such an e-mail,” Fauci told the fact-checking website. “I would never make such a statement in an e-mail that anyone ‘would be immediately arrested’ if they stepped foot on NIH property.”

Profiting from patents and COVID-19 payments?

Mikovits also says Fauci has profited from patents bearing his name that were derived from research done at NIAID. While the details of her claims are hard to pin down, The Associated Press did report in 2005 that scientists at the National Institutes of Health “have collected millions of dollars in royalties for experimental treatments without having to tell patients testing the treatments that the researchers’ had a financial connection.”

Fauci and his deputy, Clifford Lane, were among those who received royalty payments from patents at NIH. Fauci later told The BMJ, a peer-reviewed medical journal, that as a government employee, he was required by law to put his name on the patent.

According to BMJ, Fauci “said that he felt it was inappropriate to receive payment and donated the entire amount to charity.”

Mikovits also appears to cast doubt on the official statistics regarding COVID-19 deaths, saying that doctors and hospitals have been “incentivized” to count deaths unrelated to the disease as having been caused by the coronavirus infection because of payouts from Medicare.

In fact, a 20% premium was tacked on to Medicare payments for treatment of COVID-19 patients as part of the recent Coronavirus Aid, Relief and Economic Security Act.

However, a fact check published recently in USA Today concluded: “There have been no public reports that hospitals are exaggerating COVID-19 numbers to receive higher Medicare payments.”

The ‘out of lab’ theory

In the video, Mikovits is asked whether she believes the novel coronavirus came out of a lab something that NPR’s Geoff Brumfiel and Emily Kwong have thoroughly investigated and found that the vast majority of scientists in the field of infectious diseases dismiss the idea that a lab created the virus or accidentally released it. President Trump and other senior administration officials have pushed the accidental release theory without presenting evidence.

“I wouldn’t use the word ‘created,’ ” Mikovits says in the video. “But you can’t say ‘naturally occurring’ if it was by way of the laboratory.”

“It’s very clear this virus was manipulated, this family of viruses was manipulated and studied in a laboratory, where the animals were taken into the laboratory, and this is what was released, whether deliberate or not,” she adds.

Asked where the alleged lab-release occurred, Mikovits asserts that she’s “sure” it happened “between” unspecified North Carolina laboratories, the U.S. Army Medical Research Institute of Infectious Diseases at Fort Detrick in Maryland, and the Wuhan Institute of Virology in China.

Again, there is no publicly available evidence to support her claim.

The video correctly points to U.S. cooperation with and funding for the Wuhan laboratory but implies by way of innuendo that the link is sinister in nature rather than standard international cooperation. In fact, as NPR’s Nurith Aizenman has reported, “many experts say [such cooperation] is vital to preventing the next major coronavirus outbreak.”

Mikovits also says it’s not possible for the coronavirus, formally known as SARS-CoV-2, to have evolved from the original severe acute respiratory syndrome virus, stating that “would take it up to 800 years to occur.”

Her statement belies the fact that viruses are well-known to evolve rapidly, with the seasonal flu strain, for instance, changing so quickly that a new vaccine is required each year. In a 2012 study of one virus, researchers at Michigan State University found that if its normal route for infection was blocked, it only took a matter of weeks for it to evolve another one.

“Teaching” Ebola to infect humans?

Mikovits also claims to have worked at the Fort Detrick’s USAMRIID in 1999, where she says her job “was to teach Ebola how to infect human cells without killing them.”

“Ebola couldn’t infect human cells until we took it into the laboratories and taught [it],” she states.

While NPR could not verify Mikovits’ claims to have worked at the lab nor the nature of the work she might have done there, her statements simply don’t pass the sniff test. If, in 1999, her research was aimed at getting Ebola to infect humans, she was behind the curve by decades.

The first Ebola outbreak occurred in 1976 in central Africa, killing 280 people. Between 1976 and 1999, there were several more such outbreaks that killed hundreds of people.

Clearly, Ebola was able to infect humans long before 1999.

In addition to Heckenlively, her book collaborator, Mikovits has made spurious claims about vaccines, although she insists in the video that she is not “anti-vaccination.” As recently as July, she spoke before a group opposed to a California bill aimed at clamping down on exemptions to vaccinations in children.

Opposition to CDC guidelines

Finally, a number of individuals described as doctors in the video are seen questioning the guidelines put out by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention on social distancing and other preventative measures, or suggesting the same profit motive for COVID-19 diagnoses that Mikovits promotes.

Although none are identified by name, one appears on a television chyron to be Minnesota state Sen. Scott Jensen, a family physician from Chaska.

On Thursday, Jensen said he had “taken a ton of heat and even some threatening messages” over his stance, particularly since Plandemic has gone viral. But he said he stands by his criticisms of the government response to the pandemic.

Two others who appear in the video identified as California urgent care clinic doctors called last month for an end to stay-at-home orders. They have since been rebuked by two national physicians groups.

“The American College of Emergency Physicians (ACEP) and the American Academy of Emergency Medicine (AAEM) jointly and emphatically condemn the recent opinions released by Dr. Daniel Erickson and Dr. Artin Massihi. These reckless and untested musings do not speak for medical societies and are inconsistent with current science and epidemiology regarding COVID-19,” a statement said.

The groups added: “As owners of local urgent care clinics, it appears these two individuals are releasing biased, non-peer-reviewed data to advance their personal financial interests without regard for the public’s health.”


Why do people believe in conspiracy theories?



Why do people believe in conspiracy theories?

BILL NYE: How do I recommend reasoning with a conspiracy theorist?

MICHIO KAKU: Well, first of all I think there’s a gene. I think there’s a gene for superstition, a gene for hearsay, a gene for magic, a gene for magical thinking. And I think that when we were in the forest that gene actually helped us because nine times out of ten that gene was wrong. Superstition didn’t work. But one time out of ten it saved your butt. That’s why the gene is still here. The gene for superstition and magic. Now there’s no gene for science. Science is based on things that are reproducible, testable. It’s a long process the scientific method. It’s not part of our natural thinking.

BILL NYE: I’m right now the last couple of months I’ve been messing around with this idea of cognitive dissonance. This is to say you have a world view. You’re presented with evidence that conflicts with the world view so you either have to change your world view, which is hard because you’ve lived your whole life with it, or you just dismiss the evidence and dismiss the authorities that may have provided the evidence. The authority could be a person or it could be a book or, excuse me, an article on the electric internet computer machine. So you dismiss the evidence so that you don’t have this discomfort, this conflict in your mind, this dissonance.

SARAH ROSE CAVANAGH: But we can also see it in conspiracy thinking where these fringe groups or at least they used to be fringe groups on kind of the outskirts of thinking about what could be real or what is happening, paranoid thinking for instance. Thinking about reptoids controlling our government. There have always been people who believed these sort of strange things but what social media and the internet in general has allowed to happen is for people with these beliefs to find each other and then when they’re hearing back those same sorts of facts, those same sorts of theories then their beliefs strengthen.

MICHAEL SHERMER: What the skeptical movement has developed is a set of tools like the baloney detection kit. A set of tools to deal with particular claims that are on the margins of science like creationism, intelligent design theory, the anti-vaccinations, the holocaust revisionists. All these conspiracy theories and so on and all these alternative medicines. There’s hundreds and hundreds of these claims that are all connected to different sciences. But the scientists in those particular fields are too busy working in their research to bother with what these claims are because the claims really aren’t about those fields. They’re just hooked to them. They’re about something else.

CAVANAGH: I think that fear is an incredibly dangerous emotion. I think that it causes us to narrow our thinking. I think it causes us to shutdown options and there are a lot of threats in the world but I think what we need to face those threats are open, creative, playful thinking. And when we think as a hive mind, when we think collectively and we do so in a fearful sense then that shuts down a lot of our thinking.

KAKU: It’s a struggle. It’s a struggle that’s eternal because it’s part of our genetic makeup, okay. And there’s even a name for some of this superstition. It’s called pareidolia. What is pareidolia? It’s the idea that when you look in the sky you see things that are not there. Let’s do an experiment. Look at the clouds and try not to see something there. It’s very difficult. You look at the clouds, you can’t help it. You see Donald Duck. You see Mickey Mouse. You see snakes, animals. You see all sorts of stuff. You can’t help it. Recently the Notre Dame Cathedral partially burned down and sure enough somebody said I see Jesus Christ there. I saw the picture, maybe you did too. It really did look like Jesus Christ, but it was the ashes of Notre Dame. And how many times do people see the Virgin Mary in a glass of tea. So we are hardwired to see things that are not there because for the most part they’re harmless. For the most part they do nothing and once in a while it saves our butt. And so that’s why I think we will have flat-Earthers. We will have the people who don’t like vaccinations because hearsay through human history was a dominant form of information sharing.

CAVANAGH: One thing that I think we tend to do is we think that we’re going to be the person who is going to crack a big mystery, who is going to solve a whole puzzle. I think that Hollywood has given us this idea and the famous book and movie, “The Da Vinci Code,” sold us on this that we were going to be the hero who would figure everything out, this big vast conspiracy and I think the romanticization of that is dangerous and I think that we all think that we’re going to be this hero who’s going to discover some secret thing.

SHERMER: People find comfort in sort of attenuating the anxiety or uncertainty they’re feeling by concocting some overarching plan. This is what’s going on. Now I understand it. Now I don’t have to feel so uncertain about the environment. So people concoct conspiracy theories for that main reason.

JOHN CAMERON MITCHELL: Think about it. Are you only believing conspiracy theories because you want them to be true? That’s when you know there’s trouble.

BILL NYE: Apparently the way to overcome that is to say we’re all in this together. Let’s learn about this together. Present the conspiracy theorist with the idea that he or she may be rejecting evidence because it’s just so uncomfortable. And you’re in it together. We’re in it together. I’m uncomfortable too. But when it comes to moon landings just ask the person how you would generate all that paperwork. The warehouses full of documentation that NASA created to make landings on the moon would overwhelm anybody trying to do it on the side. It would just be very difficult to print all that. And just understand it’s a process. Somebody who has a world view that’s inconsistent with evidence and I may have some, it takes a while for you to turn around. Like the example of palm reading or astrology it’s not something people reverse their ideas about immediately. In my experience it takes about two years for somebody to sort of look at palm reading, look at cold reading or a tarot card reading for a while and then realize that these tarot card readers, palm readers are just taking information that you’ve given them, the client has given them and feeding it back to you.

SHERMER: The further out you go in the extreme nature of a conspiracy theory the less likely the theory is to be true. The more people that have to be involved in the conspiracy theory, the less likely it is to be true. The more elements that have to come together just at the right moment to make the conspiracy work, the less likely it is to be true. And the more global it is, you know, world domination, that sort of thing, the less likely it is to be true. Conspiracies usually are very narrowly focused like insider trading or corporate manipulation like Volkswagen with the emissions or some government attempting to manipulate an election. It’s a very specific thing that the conspiracy is really about.

MITCHELL: The way we get the information 24 hour bombardment makes people feel afraid and you’ve got a lot of people who feel like dangerous shut-ins who are railing against how said things are or dropping out because they’re overwhelmed. And because of that dropout and that polarization you get a regime like Trump. You get a fertile ground for fascism which is about blaming someone irrationally for other problems in your life. It’s an old game that has been played for millennia. That immigrant, that transgender person, that person who is of a different race their very existence threatens you because they’re getting attention, money. They’re stealing something from you and that certainly found its way into a World War II, but also the fragile state of truth right now which also comes out of digital addiction is that all conspiracy theories are true. All news is suspect. Facts are fungible. And in a world like that, that’s the biggest danger.

SHERMER: The problem is this. None of us has the truth. The only way to find out if you’re deceiving yourself or not, if you’ve gone off the rails, if you’re wrong in some way is to listen to other people who disagree with you. These were the original arguments laid down by John Stuart Mill, 1859, “On Liberty,” this is the classic work. One, I might be partially wrong and so by listening to somebody who disagrees with me I get to correct my idea. Two, I might be completely wrong and off the rails and boy, good thing I figured this out before I went too far. Three, I might be completely right but I’m not 100 percent sure about my arguments and hearing somebody on the other side helps me refine my arguments and strengthen my arguments. If I can refute that conservative or that radical leftist or whoever it is then how much stronger my position is. And four, it’s not just the speaker’s right to speak. It’s the listeners right to listen. Maybe I, the protester don’t want to hear this person but maybe there’s people in the room that do want to hear this person for whatever reasons. It’s none of my business. And then finally in terms of moral progress that I like to track. One of the biggest drivers for the last five centuries has been the principle of free speech. This is at the basis of all liberal democracies of all civil societies that everybody must have the freedom to express their points of view no matter how much we dislike them. I don’t care if you’re a Nazi or you think we didn’t land on the moon or whatever your ideas are. Go ahead and tell us your best arguments and we’ll see in the marketplace of ideas how well you do.

KAKU: You know the internet is very new. Newspaper are very new. Science and technology is very new. But gossip, hearsay, slander, rumors there’s a gene for that, okay. So how do you combat it? Slowly, carefully, painfully. It’s a painful process but in some sense we’re going up against our genetic predisposition to believe in nonsense.

MITCHELL: In some ways we’re in a better world than we’ve ever been in terms of health and human rights at least being considered in different countries and partly that’s because of digital stuff. You can’t actually shutdown digital communication no matter how hard you try in China or wherever. There’s VPNs. People get through. So there are advantages to that.

CAVANAGH: I think that we need to let experts weigh in and I think that we need to trust expertise and I think that we need to look at rather than YouTube for our information. I think that we need to regain our trust and scientists and then people who have spent their life’s work studying a phenomena rather than thinking we’re going to hunt down the answer on the internet.

SHERMER: This whole idea of what we now call fake news, alternative facts has gotten bigger and bigger and it just gets unfolded in real time online within minutes and hours. And we have to jump on it fast. But also developing a set of tools that can apply to any future ideas because I don’t know what’s going to be popular in five years from now. Heck, I don’t know what’s going to be trending tomorrow.

BILL NYE: People just lost sight of history and we all tend to go well, look at the facts. Change your mind. But it takes people a couple of years.

MITCHELL: Consider your conspiracy theories. You have a problem with them if you only believe the ones you want to.

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Conspiracy — Dexter & “Full Impulse”



So there’s a YouTube Star Trek channel I like, and they do a series called “Back Trek” providing behind-the-scenes history of Trek’s production. In most cases, it is stuff I’m already familiar with. In a recent episode on the TNG S1 episode Conspiracy, there were two bits he brought up that I thought everyone was in agreement on.

First — when ordered to increase to a higher warp speed at the beginning of the episode, LaForge responds: “Aye, sir: full impulse.” This was described by Back Trek as a mistake. I had assumed that everyone viewed this as I did: as Geordi telling a joke. Everyone on the bridge was relaxed, everyone was joking, Geordi, in response to being told to increase speed, joked that he was severely decreasing speed.

Second — Back Trek conjectured that Dexter Remmick was carrying the mother parasite at the time of Coming of Age.

Uh, what? Have you seen Coming of Age?

First, if all it takes the end the parasite invasion is the death of the mother creature, I would not let its host off Earth for any reason.

Second, while Remmick comes across as a dick, there are two scenes that show he’s still a human capable of amazement and compassion: first, when he is amazed by Picard’s directions which saved the runaway in the shuttlecraft; and second, when he describes the casual friendship and family of the bridge crew, and relates to Picard that he would one day like to serve on the Enterprise.

I don’t know — you tell me if you disagree — I just find it hard to believe that the mother parasite would express itself like that (and my impression had always been that the parasites exercised complete control over the host — this was not a symbiotic relationship like the Trill).

Finally, if Remmick was carrying the mother parasite (or a parasite at all): why not bring some more along and infect Picard, Riker, and Dr. Crusher? Hell, why not infect Quinn? Why let him walk around raising Picard’s wariness?

Frankly, we don’t even know if what we saw and presumed to be Dexter Remmick in Conspiracy was actually Remmick. Certainly it is not out of question that the mother parasite could be capable of manifesting a form to reside within. For all we know, the “real” Dexter Remmick was shoved through an airlock on Stardock, and the mother alien just assumed his form.

Alternatively, perhaps the mother host must routinely change hosts frequently because she wears them out. Were McKinney, Ryan Sipe, and Onna Karapleedeez previous hosts?

Well, it’s all just speculation, isn’t it?


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r/conspiracy – 9 Reasons the US President Should Invoke the Insurrection Act of 1807 and Immediately Remove Utah’s Mormon Controlled Deep State Government. “SAVE UTAH SAVE THE NATION”.



Mormon controlled Utah is secretly ranked among the worst states in the nation for suicide, bankruptcy, financial fraud, state government fraud, child abuse, prescription drug abuse and other statistics. This is why “Utah State Bar” is secretly a corrupt, private corporation allowed to pose as a state office to provide the illusion of supervision for Utah’s 6,500 unsupervised attorneys.

Every year, this allows Utah’s unsupervised attorneys to financially target more than 10,000 unsuspecting Utah victims disguised as “clients” and pocket hundreds of millions of dollars in the process. As a secretive, private corporation posing as a State office, “Utah State Bar” is really nothing more than a deceptive PR firm with the sole purpose of promoting the multi-million dollar financial interests of Utah’s unsupervised attorneys and the corrupt law firms they belong to.

This means when Utah’s attorneys secretly commit these thousands of crimes each year there is not a State agency available for victims to report these crimes to. This also means that as a deceitful private corporation Utah State Bar employees can freely accept bribes or do favors for Utah’s unsupervised attorneys (and law firms) without any State supervision. This may contribute to why thousands of complaints about certain law firms and certain attorneys go ignored. Because of all this, the most evil of Utah’s thousands of unsupervised attorneys are protected in all levels of their crimes by the illusions perpetuated by “Utah State Bar” and the corrupt legal, political, municipal, educational and media offices of the State of Utah. Because Federal Laws are not being honored by the Mormon controlled government of the State of Utah, the Federal Government of the United States of America should immediately implement The Insurrection Act of 1807 (Martial Law) in Utah and implement the processes for a non-theocratic, new State government to be formed no matter how long it takes.

Following are 9 ways Utah’s 6,500 unsupervised attorneys are secretly allowed to target innocent victims in Utah (and this is just the beginning) *More than 20 names redacted per reddit policies:

  1. Secretly inflate a victims bill by hundreds or thousands of dollars every month for years. If the unsupervised attorney can cause enough confusion and suffering that the victim commits suicide, the attorney can collect on everything and even add thousands of dollars more to the bill. Could this dark tactic be contributing to Utah’s high rates of suicide (and bankruptcy). In cases of “Suicide By Attorney” there are surviving children and family members who have no idea what really happened to their parent and loved one (and their inheritance).

  2. Groom victims and their families with misdirection to instigate simple matters into devastating, multi-year long, nightmares the unsupervised attorneys control. This includes telling victims to avoid mediation and other solution driven behaviors. This way the unsupervised attorneys can demand and collect a fortune from each victim over a period of years instead of just a few thousand bucks over a week or two.

  3. Collude and share in back-and-forth ping-pong filings with each other, mediators, custody evaluators, paralegals, judges and the courthouses to falsely extend one filing after another.

  4. Target homeowners and secretly collect on hundreds of thousands of dollars of falsely inflated legal fees by forcing victims to sell their homes and pay the falsely inflated fees.

  5. Collect thousands of dollars upfront disguised as “retainer fees” from one victim after another then purposely leave each victim high and dry. If a victim questions an unsupervised attorney’s stalling tactics the unsupervised attorney can keep the cash and “withdraw” leaving the victim penniless and without an attorney. The unsupervised attorney can also spread the word about a victim among the unsupervised legal community.

  6. Contribute to rape and violent crimes against females by purposely misinforming female victims about the cost of protective orders. In doing so they can secretly charge the female victim more than $5,000 to complete a protective order. If the female can’t pay then she might go without one exposing her to unimaginable stress and risk. (Protective orders can be done free online but most females haven’t been told this).

  7. Pose as collection agents and secretly manufacture one filing after another in the courthouses to eventually collect thousands of dollars from anyone they can purposely overwhelm with confusing, life devouring paperwork. Simply by mailing a few letters to random people about random things an unsupervised attorney posing as a collection agent can expect to collect a minimum of $5,000 from one filing after another.

  8. Abuse drugs without any required testing.

  9. Further exploit the inexperienced, uneducated and/or vulnerable people from all cultures and communities in unconscionable ways. This brings greater tragedy, suffering and violence to everyone in every community.

There are countless reminders of the targeting and victimization thousands of people from all of Utah’s communities and cultures experience each year. Following are some open media links to recent reports and video footage of suicides or murder/suicides. All tragedies involved recent victims of the corrupt, collective imagination that drives Utah’s secretive, dark hands. (1a) (1b) (2) (3) (4) (5) (6) (7) . In apparent incidents of “suicide-by-cop”, rather than seeing “a cop” kill a still innocent person, please remember that ALL DEFINING LABELS ARE EVIL and what you are really seeing is one broken person killing another broken person in Utah.

This ongoing devastation to thousands of innocent lives every year is secretly happening to Utah’s population of three million because several decades ago a group of lawmakers who were also secretly attorneys decided that there should be no State supervision of all attorneys in Utah. This way, without anyone stopping them, unsupervised attorneys could secretly target minority members of the population in insidious ways and collectively exploit hundreds of millions of dollars a year from the endless tragedies they induced. To provide the illusion of State supervision for the unsupervised attorneys, the deceitful lawmakers created a confusing private corporation and purposely gave it a confusing name, that name is, “Utah State Bar”. Then they got all the local political and legal offices, local newspapers, local University law schools and other local media to refer to “Utah State Bar” as “THE Utah State Bar” so everyone would think it was a legitimate State funded State supervised office. However, as a private corporation, “Utah State Bar” is not funded by the state of Utah like legitimate State offices are. Instead, Utah State Bar’s two million dollar per year payroll is secretly paid for by the unsupervised attorneys it provides the illusion of supervision for.

Passing off the deceitful PR firm deceptively named “Utah State Bar” as a legitimate State office for so many decades has created a limitless problem for past and present personnel throughout the State of Utah because for the past several decades legitimate State offices have issued licenses for legitimate State licensees but those other offices have also actively supervised those State licensees. This list of other State licensees that are supervised by legitimate State offices includes real estate agent, mortgage agent and insurance agent State licensees. However, this type of State licensing AND State supervision has secretly not been the case for Utah’s legal licensees (“attorneys”). By licensing everyone and openly engaging in supervision but secretly providing only the illusion of supervision for attorneys the State of Utah has simultaneously created and broken a critical fiduciary duty to it’s past and present population. Because of this self-created double standard, the State of Utah is on the hook to it’s past and present population for several decades of immeasurable tragedy, loss and financial devastation committed by unsupervised attorneys. This contributes to why the State of Utah will secretly stop at nothing to keep all this hidden. This and more details that follow is why the Federal Government should immediately implement the Insurrection Act of 1807 and send many people from the past and present Utah Governors Office down to prison for the rest of their lives.

Right now 72 year old college dropout Gary Herbert, is the puppet governor of Utah and 45 year old former unsupervised Utah attorney Spencer Cox is the puppet Lieutenant Governor of Utah (and 2020 Governor elect). Their involvement in these roles has spanned almost 12 years. Like other Mormon Inc. controlled Utah leaders they also refuse to investigate the many layers of collusion that allow this secret, Mormon Inc. benefiting corruption. The longer they continue to do this, the more that shows about what they are trying to hide and the involvement of the their offices and other State offices over the years. That involvement also includes the offices of the Mormon controlled Utah Attorney General (Currently Sean Reyes), the Utah Supreme Court, the Utah Judiciary, the Utah Judicial Conduct Commission, Utah judges, the deceptive private corporation named “Utah State Bar” and all it’s unsupervised attorney’s, mediators and custody evaluator members as well as another hidden, corrupt courthouse office known as the “Utah Administrative Office of the Court”.

This courthouse office is the secretive group that coordinates how Utah’s rigged courthouses operate from corrupt-day-to-corrupt-day. This office creates and maintains secret loopholes for unsupervised licensees and Utah’s corrupt judges to use. This includes purposely forcing extra courtrooms to sit vacant day after day so unsupervised licensees can all show up in the same courtroom at the same time and bill their victims hundreds of dollars an hour for what they claim is “wait” time. Because Utah’s corrupt judges were once unsupervised licensees too, they purposely let the licensees they favor the most wait the longest so those licensees can bill the most. This allows unsupervised licensees to double bill, triple bill and more. Sometimes this adds up to thousands of dollars an hour while the inexperienced victims have no idea what is really happening. Utah’s corrupt Judges favor hundreds of certain licensees more than other licensees for a wide range of reasons. This may be because they went to one of Utah’s two culturally controlled law schools or because they have lots of friends and financial interests at the same culturally controlled, Utah based law firms. What this all really means is that each year Utah’s judges secretly control what licensees and firms get to collect untold millions in secretly manufactured courthouse cash.

Not even “Pro Se” filings are safe. While in some state’s “Pro Se” means one thing, in Utah for the past several decades “Pro Se” means that a vulnerable person has been unknowingly groomed by the Administrative Office of the Court’s secretive and dark hands into naively believing that they will be heard and treated fairly if they attempt to represent themselves in a non-foolish way. In reality, “Pro-Se” just gives the corruption more layers to hide behind.

All this reveals that above all else, it seems to have become the goal of every unsupervised licensee in Utah to instigate as many random filings for as long as possible and to collude with other unsupervised attorneys in using cheap, willing paralegals to secretly collect one fortune after another from their endless, ongoing list of victims regardless of the tragedies that follow. “A case closed is a client lost” is a perfect motto for the deceitful, private, imposter PR firm deceptively known as “The Utah State Bar”. Tragically, even the safety and well being of Utah’s children is ignored by the unsupervised licensees in this pursuit. This often leads to worse tragedy and of course more random filings for them to collect a fortune from.

If you know an unsupervised legal licensee in Utah who claims to be “honest with their fellow men” then this is a great opportunity for you to invite that person to lead the way at demanding comprehensive legal reform in Utah and eliminating these untold tragedies and the far reaching, unpredictable effects from them. If they refuse to take part in this then maybe it’s because they are one of the many unsupervised licensees who will be going to prison or losing their imposter state legal licenses for the rest of their lives when the investigations finally start? At least now you know that its a fortune of blood money that pays for all those cheap paralegals as well as the months of international vacations, mansions, exquisite parties, luxury cars, huge diamond rings and other rumors you haven’t heard of. If you live in Utah, now YOU know why so many culturally critical groups continue to look away year after year as hundreds of millions of dollars in falsely inflated legal fees are secretly collected and celebrated by the dark hands of Utah’s unsupervised legal community and tragedy after tragedy continues to pile up.

One of the most controversial and culturally critical offices in Utah with deep connections to the legal community and that also continues to fail Utah’s population by purposely looking the other way is the ongoing group of men who’s families have secretly all been related by blood or marriage and who, for most of Mormonism’s 195 year history have secretly been appointed to lifetime roles in one of Mormonism’s 15 key leadership positions. (1) (2) (3) . This secretive group includes Mormonism’s three member “First Presidency” and it’s twelve member “Quorum of the Twelve”.

Over the past several decades, prior to being appointed, more than one of these men were unsupervised Utah legal licensees. In the 80’s when all this was going on, one of men who is currently a member of the “Three”, was a member of the corrupt Utah Supreme Court yet he did nothing about it. Adding to the dark secrets of this secretive, controlling, extended family of Utah men and it’s connections to the legal community is that a male member of this secretive, extended family is also Utah’s most senior judge. This is the rogue Judge Robert Faust who is the son of the culturally famous Mormon leader, military veteran, unsupervised Utah legal licensee and namesake of the Mormon controlled University of Utah law library, the late James E. Faust. The rogue, unsupervised Judge Robert Faust is notoriously known among vulnerable segments of the population for colluding with Utah unsupervised legal licensees, prolonging filings for months by making up imaginary procedures during hearings, stomping on the rights given to victims by the US constitution, ignoring basic math in critical calculations, encouraging unsupervised licensees to increase their rates to hundreds of dollars an hour for their time during hearings and giggling with unsupervised licensees during critical hearings involving children. Because in Utah, Judges are nominated by the Mormon governor and because Judge Robert Faust is the son of a famous Mormon leader, the people who perpetuate the collective imagination of Mormonism in Utah including the Mormon controlled “Utah Supreme Court”, and the “Utah Judicial Conduct Commission” will stop at nothing to keep up appearances for Mormonism by whitewashing report after report of Judge Robert Faust’s abuses of the bench no matter how devastating they continue to be to the families, critically vulnerable people and children of Utah.

(Some reports about Judge Robert Faust are found here. Note that in addition to all this collusion and corruption in Utah, the Utah Judicial Conduct Commission even has fake images on it’s website, the Commission doesn’t have an email address, only one man shows up to it’s real location a couple times a week, he’s also the same man who returns voicemails or responds to complaints. Because they don’t offer an email address to submit complaints to, complaints must be mailed or delivered in person even the office is seldom occupied by that one man. In some cases, concerned employees of other departments in the outdated non-courthouse building have volunteered to slide a persons complaint under the door.)

Adding to these peculiarities and double standards within Mormonism and in Mormon controlled Utah is that even though Mormonism claims to be “the only true religion on earth”, claims that all other religions are “false” and that Mormonism’s 15 leaders have always been chosen by “Jesus Christ”, Mormonism continues to have lie after lie discovered, revealed and compiled about it by myself (1) (2) (3) (4) and many others in many ways (some more orthodox than others). (5) (6) (7) (8) (9) (10) (11) (12) (13) (14) (15) (16) (17) (18) (19) (20) (21) . Yet all of the roles of Utah’s critical legal, political, municipal and educational offices as well as it’s public and private media offices continue to be operated by puppetised victims of Mormonism’s lies. As thousands upon thousands of tragedies continue to pile up year after year after year, this means the collective imagination of Mormonism will continue to look the other way indefinitely. This also includes local Mormon controlled offices of the FBI, the Federal Trade Commission, the US attorney’s office and others who have all been made aware in detail of the many layers of collusion contributing to this corruption. If you are a victim of Mormonism’s lies note that the landscape of information in references 5-21 is constantly changing. Sometimes propaganda pops in some of these places or others like them where you may not have expected it. Be wary of this deceptive subbreddit, not everything is as it seems. There is lots of tribalism and bot upvotes/downvotes to keep certain, limited perspectives on full blast so the truth about Mormonism and the USA’s colonial beginnings can’t be discovered.)

Because of all of this and how it is unique to Utah in many hidden ways, there absolutely needs to be special investigations by the United States Senate into the imposter, private corporation deceptively named “Utah State Bar” and other Utah State offices and organizations just like there have been special investigations into other corrupt corporations and organizations. The State of Utah needs to be on the hook for creating and breaking a fiduciary duty to it’s population that has contributed to untold tragedy, irreplaceable lost time with loved ones and endless financial devastation for hundreds of thousands of victims and their families over many decades. Many people from the Governor’s office down to the bench need to be sent to prison for the rest of their lives. Thousands of State legal licenses should be revoked. For their long time ignorance and collusion in perpetuating these deceptive illusions, the operations of University of Utah’s S.J. Quinney College of Law and BYU’s J. Rueben Clark Law School should be suspended for at least 5 years.

There needs to be supervision of licensed attorneys in Utah by an official “State Division” with a “.Gov” web address just like there is supervision of legitimate State licensees (1) (2). During the very first meeting between a Utah attorney and a potential client, there needs to be pages and pages of upfront disclosure. If a Utah attorney “withdraws” from working with a client after pocketing the client’s money as a retainer fee then the attorney needs to be required to pay a equal deposit and submit a to-be-reviewed report outlining why they accepted the retainer money then withdrew. Judges, commissioners and attorneys need to receive regular training so they are aware of the critical realities affecting individuals and families in Utah and how to provide manageable solutions for them instead of exploiting them.

32 other corrupt, private corporation, imposter “state bar associations” are secretly allowed to be “Government Granted Monopolies” inside the USA’s 50 states. Maybe exposing these unsupervised angels of death disguised as attorneys in Utah and around the USA will reveal more peculiar marks of another insidious cult? (33 deceptive “bar” associations, 50 US States, 33/50= 66.6%. The Washington Monument in Washington D.C. is 6,660 inches tall (555 Feet). George Washington was also a slave owner.) Either way, remember that in US History there have always been factions within factions and imposters within imposter organizations. Why every morning the sun rises on “one Nation under God”, the United States of America, instead of many nations is anyone’s guess.

However, because it is still “One Nation”, starting with it’s 45th State, Utah, US history absolutely demands an immediate and deeper look by the Federal Government into this modern form of targeting, exploitation, slavery, suffering, destruction and evil perpetuated throughout Utah’s communities and all of the USA’s communities by the secretive, dark and deceptive hands of the law schools and law offices and political offices that perpetuate it. Consider that the people of Utah and victimized Mormons around the county are a tough, strong, creative, selfless crew who have suffered Mormonism’s lies long enough and are ready to lead the way at creating the model of legal reform in Utah that will save the Nation and lead to legal reform among the 32 other deceptive US Bar Associations. Now is your chance to Save Utah, Save the Nation.

As far as sharing this message in other ways goes, for now, I’m just going to include an email address. The goal is to get as many billboards and lawn signs up as possible as well as demonstrations at the Salt Lake City locations of the Utah State Capital, the Matheson Courthouse, the deceptive corporate offices of “Utah State Bar” and other places. I literally have a whole Tipi village planned for the lawn of the Utah State Capitol to honor the spirit of the forgotten, eradicated, abused and exploited Native Americans in the area and to peacefully occupy the lawn of the Utah State Capital until this corruption is rooted out and these past and present tragedies are revisited, remembered and prevented from ever happening again. For now though, and because I can’t be everywhere at once, don’t wait for me to form support groups and demonstrations everywhere and anywhere. I am also constantly being attacked by Utah’s unsupervised licensees in one way or another and it’s only a matter of time before the colluding courthouses justify a reason to have me arrested and jailed. I receive letters about one made up thing or another on a weekly basis. So far though, any law enforcement officers I’ve encountered have been at my own protests. They’ve been cool to talk with and have been saddened to learn the truth about “Utah State Bar” and the many layers of collusion that allow this corruption.

In the meantime, if your a citizen of Utah, another way to send a message is to write my name in for Utah governor during this year’s election. A simple “MJ” ought to do the trick. Maybe I’ll get elected and I can get all this fixed sooner than later because each day this is allowed to go on is another day of tragedies piling up. If the many layers of collusion allowing this corruption hasn’t brought tragedy and devastation to your own life or the life of someone you know, the question isn’t if it will but when it will.

During this unprecedented time of deep state corruption being exposed and reacted to please remember that Utah’s brave law enforcement force of thousands of men and women as well as it’s dedicated military members, their families and their children are not immune to these tragedies or statistics either. Remember who the real enemy is. Remember it’s easier to hate all day then it is to take action for a minute. Hug a cop instead of hitting one.

Whether Utah’s commissive and ommissive State leaders, judges and unsupervised licensees are drug abusers, are mentally deranged or are literal “Hounds-Of-Hell” now it is no longer a secret that for one reason or another, like insidious slave owners of the past, they are allowed to gather together today to secretly gorge themselves with their needle sharp fangs on the after birth of the thousands of tragedies they manifest day-after-day just like lunatic stray dogs pining at the hot dirt to slurp each others vomit.

With that I’ll just say, good luck, got bless, be smart, stay alive, be seen, be heard, peace out and somebody anybody please HELP us. Utah is worth saving!


*If you are experiencing an emotional crisis, remember IT WILL PASS. In the meantime, consider some of the resources found here or call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-TALK (8255), or text TALK to 741741. The lines are open 24 hours a day, every day. DO IT NOW. STAY ALIVE.

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