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Neymars surprisingly close bond with sister and her birthday injury conspiracy



Neymars surprisingly close bond with sister and her birthday injury conspiracy


Neymar and his sister have a much tighter bond than most ordinary siblings.

The Brazilian forward is so close with his sister, Rafaella Santos, that he has a permanent reminder of her on his body.

Proving his love for his sister, Neymar proudly showed off a massive tattoo of her face that was inked on his right arm in the summer of 2015.

But their loving relationship is not just one sided, as Rafaella returned the favour by getting a tattoo of her superstar brother’s eyes on her left arm.

As well as demonstrating their close bond on their bodies, the pair outpour their love on social media.

When Neymar was criticised for his form when Barcelona were knocked out of the Champions League, Rafaella posted a sweet sentiment in support of her big bro.

“My heart is yours, my love is yours, my smile is yours, my day, my night, my longing, my best company,” tweeted Rafaella.

Neymar has a tattoo on his arm of sister Rafaella

While her brother is one of the most famous people on the planet, Rafaella has become famous in her own right.

The blogger and model has more than 5.5 million followers on Instagram and often posts snaps with Neymar.

She does a lot of charity work with Instituto Neymar Jr., which was set up by the Brazilian to help disadvantaged children in Praia Grande, Sao Paulo, near to where the siblings grew up.

One of the biggest talking points around the siblings’ relationship is a strange conspiracy revolving around Rafaella’s birthday.

Neymar has been in Brazil around his sister’s birthday for the last few years

There is a theory over a ‘curse’ of bad luck that struck Neymar around the date of Rafaella’s birth for five years in a row.

Her birthday falls on March 11, and Neymar managed to be in Brazil to celebrate with her despite it being mid-season from 2015 to 2019.

While it seems to be purely coincidental, it hasn’t stopped football fans making jokes and questioning what has gone on.

It all started in 2015 when Neymar was playing for Barcelona as he picked up his fifth yellow card of the season against Granada on February 28.

Because he was suspended for the next match, Barcelona allowed Neymar to fly home to Brazil to be with his family during his sister’s birthday.

The following season an almost identical scenario happened as he was given another suspension during the match with Rayo on March 3.

This time he got permission from then manager Luis Enrique, club captain Andres Iniesta and his three vice-captains – Lionel Messi, Javier Mascherano and Sergio Busquets.

Neymar headed back to his native country for a Disney-themed birthday while he was suspended from playing.

Neymar suffered a fractured toe in PSG’s victory over Marseille

In 2017, Neymar suffered a muscle injury in a match against Deportivo on March 12, so went back to Brazil to celebrate his sister’s birthday once agaon.

The next year he fractured a toe in Paris Saint-Germain’s victory over Marseille on March 3 which ruled him out for the rest of the season.

Neymar was badly injured and faced a race against time to be fit for the Russia World Cup after being sidelined for three months.

He went back to Brazil to undergo surgery on his fractured toe, proving anyone doubting his injury wrong.

Neymar Jr reacts lying on the pitch during the match between PSG and Marseille

Then in January 2019, the Brazilian sprained his ankle during Brazil’s friendly win over Qatar which forced him off the pitch for three months.

The surprising record eventually came to an end this season when Neymar played in PSG’s win over Borussia Dortmund in the Champions League.

The coincidence has not gone unnoticed by fans – and even rival players have made jibes about Neymar always attending his sister’s birthdays.

While discussing the possibility of Neymar making a shock switch to Real Madrid in November 2017, Sergio Ramos couldn’t resist have a dig at his rival.

Neymar has a permanent reminder of his sister on his arm

Ramos spoke about the potential deal, which emerged despite Neymar’s history and strong links with the Spanish club’s bitter rivals, Barcelona.

Admitting the ex-Barcelona star would be welcomed at the Bernabeu, Ramos joked about having to discuss terms with Rafaella.

“I like to play with the best and Neymar is one of them, I hope,” the Spaniard said in an interview with Cadena SER.

He then cheekily added: “What we would have to negotiate is his sister’s birthday.”

Neymar and his sister have a tight bond

Rafaella has often come out against football fans who have been criticising her brother on social media.

Neymar’s sister furiously hit back at PSG fans in an X-rated blast in August last year.

Supporters of PSG branded the Brazilian a “son of a b****” during their season opener against Nimes in Paris.

While fans continuously chanted expletives at Neymar, others displayed their unhappiness with the wantaway star with banners reading Neymar go away.

Neymar had openly admitted that he would like to head back to Barcelona with talks believed to have been held by his representatives.

Rafaella is claimed to have voiced her outrage at the fan’s chants in social media posts which have now been deleted.

In the posts, it is claimed that she said PSG would win nothing without him.

She wrote in English: “WHAT A DISGUSTING AND DISRESPECTFUL HEAPS OF HUMAN Y’ALL ARE! You wish you still had my brother at your team. You will win nada without him. F******”



Sanders and Schumer call on McConnell to hold hearings to fight election conspiracy theories – KTVZ



Sanders and Schumer call on McConnell to hold hearings to fight election conspiracy theories - KTVZ


Sen. Bernie Sanders of Vermont and Senate Democratic Leader Chuck Schumer of New York are calling on Majority Leader Mitch McConnell to create a new bipartisan committee focused on election integrity and schedule hearings to reassure Americans over a process President Donald Trump has repeatedly sought to undermine.

There is growing anxiety among Democrats, and some Republicans, that Trump will not only continue to sow doubt over the legitimacy of the coming election but throw the subsequent count into chaos by declaring victory before all the votes can be tallied, including the millions that will arrive by mail.

In a letter to McConnell, Sanders and Schumer quote back the Kentucky senator’s own words, in which he attested to the reliability of mail-in voting by citing its successes in Oregon, Washington and Colorado, which have been using the system for years.

Trump has repeatedly questioned the validity of mail-in voting, promoted conspiracy theories questioning election security, called on supporters to act as unsanctioned “poll watchers,” and suggested that the absence of a clear result by the evening of November 3 would in some way cast doubt on the eventual outcome. Key allies in powerful positions, like Attorney General Bill Barr, have followed suit. Barr has persisted in puffing up a debunked claim that ballots received by mail would somehow strip the sender of their privacy — ignoring well-established safeguards.

By escalating the matter now, Sanders and Schumer are responding to growing concern, in partisan and nonpartisan spaces, that Americans are not adequately prepared for the potential of a longer-than-usual wait for results or Trump’s willingness to short-circuit the democratic process if he smells defeat.

“Democrats and Republicans in Congress must come together to ensure that we have a free and fair election where every vote is cast and counted without intimidation,” Sanders told CNN, “where no one has to put his or her health in danger to cast a ballot, and where we have full confidence in the results.”

The proposed hearings would invite a cross-section of election officials from across the country to testify to the security and reliability of mail-in, early- and in-person voting — subjects on which Sanders and Schumer, again, referenced McConnell’s own words.

“Despite the clear security of our vote-by-mail system, some have continued to undermine it with unsubstantiated claims of voter fraud,” they wrote. “As you have correctly said, people ‘can vote early, you can vote on Election Day, or you can drop it in the mail,’ and that voters should ‘not worry about your vote not counting.’”

The minority leader and Sanders, an independent who caucuses with the Democrats, also want more detailed discussion about the fraught hours, or days, after the polls close and a real-time watch of the election horse race potentially swings from one candidate to another.

“We know a number of states may well be counting ballots for a period of time after Election Day, and that those votes may be determinative in this election,” the senators wrote to McConnell. “To avoid disinformation, conspiracy theories, and suspicion about results, we must understand the likely timeline for this process.”

The letter goes on to reference the recent war games-style preparations conducted by a group called the Transition Integrity Project, a bipartisan gathering of operatives and academics that made headlines when some of the outcomes of their exercises — including “both street-level violence and political impasse” — were reported on in late July.

“A bipartisan group of experts and officials have studied multiple scenarios where the outcome of the election was not immediately known. Some of these scenarios resulted in unrest and even violence,” Sanders and Schumer wrote, suggesting the Senate should elevate similar discussions and familiarize the public with the uncertainties ahead. “We would like to hear from the most knowledgeable people in the country as to how we can do everything possible to make sure that the election and the period afterward is secure and peaceful.”


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HHS official sorry for conspiracy theory video



HHS official sorry for conspiracy theory video


HHS supported Caputo, with a statement that called him a critical, integral part of the presidents coronavirus response, leading on public messaging as Americans need public health information to defeat the COVID-19 pandemic.

There was no immediate statement from the White House.

Attempts to reach Caputo were unsuccessful.

On Capitol Hill, Sen. Patty Murray, D-Wash., called on Azar to fire Caputo, accusing the spokesman of trying to interfere with CDC reports to the medical and scientific community, as well as the public at large. And Senate Minority leader Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y., called on Azar himself to resign, citing interference with the CDC as one example of what he termed the administration’s failures.

Officials at CDC have privately complained of recent efforts by political appointees at main HHS to try to edit or press for changes in the agency’s weekly MMWR publications, a go-to resource for public health professionals.

MMWR articles are technical, but they reveal telling details. One published earlier this year noted that while Trump’s travel restrictions dramatically reduced travel from China in February, nothing was being done at that time to restrict travel from Italy and Europe, where the coronavirus was spreading widely and rapidly. Analysis of virus samples from hard-hit New York in March suggested it was introduced there from Europe and other parts of the U.S., the CDC article reported.

Caputo is an unswerving Trump loyalist. His recent book, The Ukraine Hoax, claims the presidents phony impeachment was rooted in a vast conspiracy.


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unwinona:This is exactly what conspiracy theorists and anti-vaxxers have done with their HIV/AIDS…



unwinona:This is exactly what conspiracy theorists and anti-vaxxers have done with their HIV/AIDS...


My RSS Feedunwinona:

This is exactly what conspiracy theorists and anti-vaxxers have done with their HIV/AIDS and Polio narrative (among others), only we’re seeing it escalated to weeks and months instead of years or decades.


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